Emergency Dental Services Houston

Are You In Pain? You Can Be Seen TODAY! 

If you are experiencing tooth pain to where it’s affecting everyday life, we can help. You  don’t have to live with that kind of pain.  Our Houston Emergency Dental Services include :

  • Oral Health  Exams-  Oral Exams can spot issues with your oral health as well as the wellness of your body
  • Root Canal – To help you save your tooth. Many times your tooth can be saved instead of being extracted.  Click Here for more
  • Emergency Teeth Extractions
  • Dental Implants– We can implant just one tooth or do a full mouth restoration.

mouth-painYou don’t have to stay in dental pain. We offer same day, flexible scheduling from 6am to 6pm appointment to solve your tooth pain.

If you need Houston emergency dental services, Progressive Dental is YOUR PLACE!

Service areas include: Greenway Plaza, West  University, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, Mid Town, Galleria, West Chase, Houston Metro and Surgarland.