Ever thought of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Has your mouth worn down from years of neglect or the process of aging?
Do you suffer from one or more of these symptoms?
*Frequent headaches or migraines
*Pain or soreness around your jaws
*Facial, neck, shoulder and/or back pain
*Unexplained congestion or stuffiness in your ears
*Worn, chipped, cracked, or loose teeth
*TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome)
*Discomfort that seems to move from tooth to tooth

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr Ellen Lim DDS and the staff of Progressive  can help you erase the pain and discomfort, give you back your oral Health and get your smile back. What may need to be done is a set of procedures called a Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Most full mouth rehabilitation procedures  involve multiple phases and office visits. It is not unreasonable to expect treatment to take 12 months or more, depending on your situation.

Difference between a smile makeover and full mouth rehabilitation?

How does a full mouth reconstruction differ from smile makeover? A smile makeover is something that you deiced to have done to improve the ascetics of your smile. A full mouth reconstruction is something that you need due to tooth loss, pain, or disease.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

The procedure could involve :
•    Prophylactic teeth cleaning and periodontal care (approximately $80, on average).
•    Crown lengthening to expose healthy, sound tooth structure for possible crowns or bridges (
•    Orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw.
•    Contouring of the gum tissue to create balance and harmony in your smile.
•    Preparation (reduction) of your natural tooth structure so crowns, bridges or veneers can be placed.
•    Placement of temporary restorations so you can become accustomed to your new teeth and the feel of your new mouth or bite alignment.
•    Placement of permanent restorations, such as crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays or bridges, made from ceramic, ceramic supported by metal or a combination of both.
•    Orthodontics (braces) in order to move your teeth into the optimal position for reconstruction.
•    Implant placement and restoration to replace missing teeth and/or anchor bridge restorations.
•    Bone or soft tissue grafting to enhance the stability of your teeth, proposed implants and/or other restorations.

Dr. Lim DDS has over 20 years experience in full mouth rehabilitation giving hundreds of people their smile back.  Full Mouth Rehabilitation has become a major specialty of the staff here at Progressive Dental.

Service areas include: Greenway Plaza, West  University, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, Mid Town, Galleria, West Chase, Houston Metro and Surgarland.