Houston Dentist Ellen Lim

Houston Dentist Dr Ellen Lim DDS

Houston Dentist Dr Ellen Lim DDS

Houston Dentist Ellen Lim D.D.S. is a graduate of the dental program at Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr. Ellen Lim has been in private practice for over 20 years. She uses award-winning “best in class” cosmetic dental technology and takes continuing education  of dental  technology  and techniques to stay up to date to give you the best possible care.  Most importantly, when you walk into the office, you have her undivided attention. She focus on your needs, not the needs of you and other patients in the office at the same time.

Caring for her patients.

Houston Dentist Ellen Lim D.D.S. considers each patient as a friend when they walk through the door. Taking care if someone’s oral health is a big responsibility that Dr. Lim does not take lightly, so she respects when her patients put their trust into her for her Houston dental services.  One just needs to read the reviews to know Dr. Lim is one dentist in Houston that can be trusted.

Caring for the Houston community

Houston Dentist Ellen Lim D.D.S also recognizes the needs of the community and works hard to give back to the community that has supported her in becoming one of Houston’s best dentists.

logo_boys_girls_lgOne such charity is Boys and Girls Harbor.  Boys and Girls Harbor provides shelter , food, clothing, education, counseling, health care, recreation and stable family life in order for children to thrive. Dr. Lim donated cosmetic procedures in support of their 2015 Good Skipper Celebration.


Urban-athalonAnother event Dr. Lim is involved in is the Men’s Health Urbanathalon. Men’s Health URBANATHLON is a bi-coastal event that combines a traditional road race with muscle-burning challenges designed to test your endurance, strength, mobility and pure toughness. The events help support Challenge Athletes. Established in 1997, the Challenged Athletes Foundation recognizes the athletic greatness inherent in all people with physical challenges and supports their athletic endeavors by providing unparalleled sports opportunities that lead to success in sports — and in life.