Micro Needling in Houston

Dr. Ellen Lim DDS is excited to now offer Micro Needling or also known as  Collagen Induction Therapy to the River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Midtown, Galleria and other parts of Houston, Tx and surrounding areas.  This skin regeneration is new approach to skin treatment and can make a vast improvement on the appearance and vitality of the skin, thanks to the tiny needles which work to stimulate the skin’s regenerative systems and processes.

With micro-needling, it’s possible to reduce the aging appearance of skin, including the wrinkles and fine lines one can get during aging. Micro-needling can also be used to address long time dermal imperfections and scarring, deep pores, including stretch marks, acne scars, and more.


How does Micro Needling Work?

First an examination is done. Then after the examination, a topical gel is applied to the skin. Based on your current skin condition and the desired effect, the Eclipse Micropen will be turned to an appropriate level of pressure, and then utilized.

The Micropen uses a fast series of movements with 12 micro-needles. This may be an unpleasant thought, the sensation is actually compared to the feeling of being brushed with light sandpaper. The needles move with enough speed and accuracy to greatly reduce discomfort throughout the process. The process typically takes less than 30 minutes, and afterward, your skin can be somewhat red, similar to a sunburn.

Healing usually takes between 24 hours and 4 days, depending on the area that is treated, the settings used in the Micropen, and other criteria. the healing time and pain are better than the laser treatments that are unsightly and very painful for 4-6 days. Dr.Ellen Lim can recommend different products like probiotics that can help to speed the recovery process along, but you should find that there is generally very little discomfort.

Make an appointment for an examination and start to look and feel younger and better.