Snap On Smile

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Dental Checkup in 2014

Snap On Smile: the 2 visit, no shots, no drill, affordable cosmetic dentistry solution.

Snap On Smile is a simple procedure that only requires two dental visits. The name says it all, Snap On Smile literally snaps over your natural teeth. There is no fear of drilling, teeth pain, or having your teeth ground down. Additionally, there is no need to worry about adhesives, injections, or the time-consuming prepping rituals that go along with dental care. Another excellent benefit of Snap On Smile is that it doesn’t cover the palate, or impinge upon gum tissue, providing you with comfort at all times. Some consider the best benefit is that it can cost less than getting a crown!

Snap On Smile can correct gaps, crooked and stained teeth, and be the solution for patients who are not candidates for bridges and implants. This is also a more comfortable alternative to removable partial dentures.

Only 2 Visits!

Upon your first trip to the dentist, you can pick both the shade and style of your new smile. Once you’ve chosen your new look, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth to ensure your Snap On Smile fits and feels perfect. Once this process is completed, you’ll return in a few days for your final fitting.

Improve your smile, and improve your confidence. Part of our Houston Cosmetic Dental Procedures.

Many patients express how much more they smile after getting a Snap On Smile. When you smile more, you give out the feeling of confidence and a positive outlook on life, ultimately improving the quality of your life in a very affordable way. You can contact your Houston cosmetic dentist, Ellen Lim at Progressive Dental, to schedule a visit to get fitted with your  Snap On Smile !

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