Vanquish Permanent Fat Reduction Treatment

Houston area Vanquish Treatment


Dr Ellen Lim is excited to introduce a new service, called the vanquish permanent fat reduction treatment in the Houston area, aimed at reducing fat around your core and thighs. Vanquish targets and eliminates fat with focused RF energy.* The treatment is non-surgical, requires no downtime, and covers a broad region. The result: a faster, more effective outcome for people who want a slimmer body contour.

Unlike other non-invasive treatment methods, VANQUISH M.E.™ requires no contact with the patient’s body. Heat is delivered from the device via multipolar radio waves and absorbed into the treatment area. This allows for a comfortable experience with minimal risk of side effects. Its radio frequency technology penetrates much deeper into fat tissue than CoolSculpting or Liposonix. VANQUISH M.E.™ is painless before and after treatment, and requires no thawing time.

What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a special form of electricity.  Radiofrequency is used extensively in dermatology and cosmetic surgery to target certain layers of the skin to help with skin tightening, collagen regeneration, and now deep tissue heating and fat elimination.

How should I prepare for Vanquish treatment?

All metal jewelry should be removed from the treatment area.

In the 1-2 days prior to treatment, patients are requested to stay well hydrated.  Patients should continue to drink appropriate amounts of water through the treatment day and even the day afterwards.  Water helps to hydrate the skin.  This allows the radiofrequency energy from Vanquish to travel easily through the skin and target the fat layer more effectively.

Patients should avoid dehydrating activities in the couple of days prior to treatment.  This would include high-intensity, high-perspiration activities such as extensive aerobics, physical training, or hot yoga.  Patients should also avoid excessive alcohol intake prior to Vanquish as this can have a dehydrating effect on the body.

How long is a treatment session?  How many treatments will I need?

A Vanquish treatment session lasts 30 – 45 minutes.  Clinical studies on Vanquish were based on a total of four weekly sessions.  Individual results may vary and some patients may require more treatments or wish to undergo additional series of treatments to target additional areas of the body.

What should I expect immediately after Vanquish treatment?

The skin in the area of the treatment will be warm to touch as the core fat has reached an approximate temperature of 120 degrees Farenheit and the skin approximately 100 degrees Farenheit.  The skin remains warm and slightly pink for a period of minutes to a couple of hours following Vanquish treatment.  Temporary swelling is also possible in the area of treatment and resolves within a few hours. Some patients may experience mild thirst or fatigue following treatment.  Symptoms are not significant enough to interfere with return to work or daily activities.

When will I see results?

Patients may report an improvement in their waistline as soon as 2 weeks following the last (fourth) treatment with Vanquish.

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