Why You Should Get a Root Canal Instead of a Tooth Extraction

If you’ve ever had an infected tooth, then you know how painful it can be and how the root canal greatly affects the jaw. The field of endodontics specializes on procedures concerning the tooth pulp and the surrounding tissues of a tooth root.


Endodontists are basically root canal experts and perform root canal therapy to fix a tooth that has severe infection and cannot be restored by dental fillings.

What exactly is a root canal? Why are people deathly scared of it? During a root canal treatment, the dentist Houston TX will remove the tooth’s pulp chamber and then use a suitable material to fill it. Stories of nightmarish pain associated with root canal are plenty and helps to spread the fear of this treatment. However, some consider tooth extraction as an alternative to a root canal and it is clearly not the better option.


When you have your tooth extracted, you will need a  dental implant from  Houston Dentist after to fill the gap so that’s an added cost. Not only that, artificial tooth just cannot replace the real thing no matter how advanced modern dentistry has become. The point is tooth extraction must be the last resort. Why would you want to lose a tooth when you can save it through root canal therapy?

It is unfortunate that many people have reported terrible experiences with root canal treatment but much of the blame lies on incompetent dentists. There are ways to make the experience bearable. Aside from taking powerful painkillers, there is sedation dentistry Houston where anxious patients are put to sleep so a dental procedure could be done.

So, you see, root canal doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The important thing to remember is to look for a reputable and experienced dentist for root canal treatments. Work with a capable dentist who knows how to help you manage the pain throughout the entire process